Technical Services Van Fleet

The Groucho Club

The Groucho Club is a globally respected brand and undoubtedly embedded in the very DNA of the Soho hospitality scene. Technical Services have a long standing relationship with The Groucho Club and were recently appointed to design and install both a bespoke central cooking suite for the basement kitchen, and a front of house sumptuous Italian bistro in one of the revered private member rooms, known to members colloquially as the ‘Back Room’.

Throughout the process we worked closely with newly appointed executive chef Jamie Dobbin, who has an infamous pedigree from The Ivy Club and Managing Director, Matt Hobbs with his impeccable scrutiny for detail. Both spaces were designed around the club’s new mouthwatering menu with careful consideration to maximizing the limited space available.

In the ground floor area the precision of the ADISA catering equipment has been infused with the interior design of luxury finishes including marble, glass and antique timbers. This interaction has created a space that is not only indulgent but also hard wearing with quality equipment that will stand the test of time.

The ADISA cooking suite in the basement was created after several revisions around the menu offer, the existing mechanical ventilation system and the logistics of the kitchen dimensions. We also carefully navigated around the two central lifts which expedite the food to the individual dining areas within the building. The installation of the central island has increased the catering flow within the kitchen and therefore the efficiency of the staff and the food preparation process.

The symbiosis of Andy Kress’ operational executive chef experience along with the engineering expertise of Technical Services once again achieves client approval and satisfaction.

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