Technical Services Van Fleet


Technical Services enjoy working with clients who have a strong vision for their project. Ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning are a vital part of a buildings structure and Technical Services make sure that the systems they install are not only fully functioning, but consistent with the design of the building and surrounding environment.

An example of this is the work completed for Balthazar, a restaurant in the heart of Covent Garden, London. Housed in a building called the Flower Cellars, Balthazar is the vision of chef Robert Reid and New York Restaurateur Keith McNally who wanted Balthazar to be an outpost of the legendary all-day brassiere McNally in New York.

Given the location, noise and smell had to be taken into account so Technical Services worked with all the necessary departments to make sure this happened. The landlords’ designers, kitchen designers, the local council, the planning department and the environmental department were all consulted when implementing the buildings air conditioning, ventilation, boiler and water installation control panels and software. This resulted in all mechanical concerns being met whilst retaining the aesthetics of the interior design. Together the team and Technical Services created the replica restaurant they had aspired to.

As Reid says;

“If you took a sleeping pill and fell asleep in New York and woke up again in London, you probably wouldn’t know the difference”.

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