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Tramshed Kitchen Refurbishment

They say that good comes from bad, in this case we are pleased to share with you that we were appointed the main contractor to overhaul and replace faulty items of mechanical and catering equipment within the Hix Tramshed main kitchen following an unfortunate fire at the site. Having undertaken many restaurant refurbishment projects post fire related accidents, Technical services were confident to undertake the task. We were asked to not only replace the Halton canopy extract system with necessary duct work and specialist environmental filters, but the refurbishment also included a new suspended ceiling, lighting and wall and floor finishes, even to the degree of cutting in stainless steel bespoke floor gullies. The opportunity was taken to upgrade the kitchen extract canopy to a water wash system whilst the works were undertaken.

With respects to the catering equipment we were advised by the executive chef Kevin Gratton along with direction from Mark Hix that they wanted to remove the gas coal operated Turkish grill and replace with a British innovation, namely a Synergy grill. We were posed the challenge to install a Synergy grill into an ADISA cookline with a seamless view – this suiting of a Synergy grill would be a world’s first.

Technical Services’ managing director, Andy Parton and catering design consultant, Andy Kress met onsite with the managing director of Synergy to workshop the logistics of integrating the grill into the ADISA cooksuite. After a full day, we came up with a solution which all parties involved thought was quite remarkable.

The process of manufacture involved transporting the grill from Synergy’s factory in Cambridgeshire  to the ADISA headquarters in Barcelona. We also took the client to the ADISA factory in Spain for a visual sign off of the incorporated product and once all parties were happy the finished product was shipped back to the UK and installed. The kitchen was commissioned on a Friday afternoon, and on the Saturday the kitchen served in excess of 700 covers, a restaurant back up and running at its best.

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